Malta   -   An   Introduction  
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Malta   is   an   archipelago   in   the   centre   of   the   Mediterranean,   93   kilometres south   of   Sicily   and   290   km   from   Northern   Africa.   The   Maltese   Islands   have been    an    important    meeting    place    for    various    Mediterranean    cultures throughout    the    ages.        Hence    for    an    adequate    understanding    of    Maltese history   and   culture,   one   must   not   consider   events   in   the   Islands   in   isolation from    contemporary    developments    in    the    Mediterranean    basin.    Maltese affairs   must   be   viewed   in   relation   to   the   broader   and   deeper   context   of European     and     North     African     history.     Moreover,     Malta     has     hosted international   meetings   such   as   the   Commonwealth   Heads   of   Government Meeting   (CHOGM)   in   November   2005   and   again   in   2015   as   well   as   the   Malta Summit    between    U.S.    President    George    H.    W.    Bush    and    U.S.S.R.    leader Mikhail   Gorbachev   in   December   1989,   just   a   few   weeks   after   the   fall   of   the Berlin Wall. Maltese   history   is   replete   with   a   cultural   admixture   that   is   too   complex   to   be outlined   in   this   page,   but   the   contemporary   period   of   the   last   two   centuries have     been     politically     and     culturally     intermixed     with     a     predominantly Anglophile   identity,   flavoured   by   Italian   culture.   These   links   have   encouraged the   Maltese   population   to   adopt   a   truly   European   culture   and   way   of   life   -   a link   that   has   been   strengthened   following   Malta's   entry   in   the   European Union.    While    modern    media    and    communication    technology    continue    to flourish     and     globalise     the     Maltese     Islands,     the     Maltese     remain     a multifaceted   cultural   community   carrying   an   identity   baggage   that   prelates the Medieval Period.

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