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Call for Abstracts - submissions for oral presentations This   is   an   academic   symposium   focusing   on   Star   Trek.   Abstracts   of   proposed   oral presentations    must    contain    a    scholarly    message,    preferably    dealing    with    the interface of medicine or science and the humanities. If   you   are   interested   in   submitting   an   abstract   in   order   to   present   a   paper   at   this meeting, then please follow the instructions below.  PLEASE NOTE: The   deadline   to   submit   a   proposal   is   30th   April,   2016.      There   will   be   no   extensions to this deadline. We   do   not   accept   any   proposals   by   email.   All   proposals   must   be   submitted   online. Any proposals received by email will be deleted and not sent for review. General requirements and notes The abstract should not exceed 800 words. Power Point projection facilities will be available at the venue. On submission You   will   receive   a   confirmation   email   once   your   submission   has   been   successfully submitted.   You   will   be   notified   of   the   outcome   by   email   within   one   month   (whether your abstract has been accepted as an oral presentation or not). (poster presentations are not envisaged)

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Star Trek Symposium Malta - 2016 Humanities, Medicine & Sciences Programme IMEE Institute of Medical Emergency Education Malta Institute for Medical Education Institute of Technology,  Humanities, the Arts,  Medicine and Science Faculty of ICT Celebrating the  50th Anniversary